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Lake Networking Group

The Friends are pleased to make this page available to the Lake Networking Group to recognize the work they are doing to support local watersheds.

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For further information please contact Karen Hunt or 613 264-9273

Next Meeting: Friday, Nov. 3, 2017 from 9:30 a.m. - 12:30
Location to be confirmed
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for details on field trips and workshops.

    The Lake Networking Group is an informal gathering of Eastern Ontario lake association representatives united by a common desire to work together and learn from one another.

    On January 21, 2004 representatives from seven local lake associations met for the first time to discuss items of common interest and concern and recognized that they could all benefit and learn from the experiences of one another.

    Bobs and Crow - East End  
    Bobs and Crow Lakes ~ East End

    Today representatives of more than 30 Eastern Ontario lake associations share information by email and meet two or three times a year to discuss common issues, plan workshops to meet identified needs of their lake residents, and support one another to seek support for common issues.

    Lake associations in the Networking Group include Loughborough Lake, Fourteen Island Mink Lake and the Chaffey's Area Lake Associations in the south, up through Frontenac to include lakes associations such as Buck, Wolfe, Eagle, Big Clear, Elbow, Bobs and Crow, Sharbot Lake and Kennebec in the west, and down through the Rideau Watershed encompassing Farren, Christie, Little Silver and Rainbow, Long, Pike, Black, Adam, Otty, Otter, Big Rideau and Upper Rideau and over into the Mississippi Watershed to include lake associations such as Canonto, Dalhousie, Bennett and Fagan and the Mississippi Lakes Association.

    Amongst the Group are representatives from lake groups in 4 watersheds (Mississippi, Rideau, Cataraqui, Quinte) and 7 Townships (Tay Valley, North, South and Central Frontenac, Drummond/North Elmsley, Lanark Highlands and Rideau Lakes) and 3 Counties (Lanark, Frontenac and Leeds Grenville.)

  • Lake representatives are connected by an email link through which they share information
  • The emailing list allows everyone to receive/share information even if they don't attend all the meetings.
  • Partner organizations also distribute information about programs, issues and resources to lake groups through the Lake Networking Group
  • Meetings are held about 3 times a year depending on the needs/interests of the group members.
  • Meeting agenda items come from suggestions/requests from the lake associations
  • Special guests are regularly included
  • Side group of the lake representatives (those in Lanark County) meets twice a year with members of the Lanark Detachment of the OPP to discuss issues of safety and security in the local lakes and lake communities

  • (based on comments provided by participating members of the Lake Networking Group)

  • The Lake Networking Group deals with issues typical of lakes in this area and, working together, attempts to resolve, promote and understand those issues. It is more than just an information exchange as the meetings offer an opportunity for dialogue + templates from other's experiences + an exchange of ideas. Everyone is in the same boat/at the same table, learning together as they go, adapting and addressing topics of concern and issues facing our communities together. Over time a sense of "community" has emerged amongst the various lake groups.
  • It also provides a collective way for two way communication with partner agencies, building and maintaining relationships
  • The Lake Networking Group plans workshops to meet identified needs of their lake residents and
  • Serves as a lobby group and supports one another to seek support for common issues e.g. lake management planning, mining, water quality interpretation, municipal elections.

  • Affirming experience for new lake reps or new lake associations or those who feel isolated.
  • Exchange of wealth of information between lake associations that results in shortcutting an individual lake association's search for resources and avoids reinventing the wheel.
  • Each lake association can put their own challenges into perspective listening to others.
  • The enthusiasm that is generated by the ideas expressed and the successes achieved which each lake association can take back to their respective Board for possible implementation.
  • Potential for political clout from such a large representation.
  • Two-sided value - through the Group, townships, conservation authorities, Health Unit, OPP and other organizations have the opportunity to speak to a broad base of lake associations

  • worked with partners to organize septic workshop, native plant workshops, Fish 101 workshop, cottage succession seminars, aquatic invasive species workshop
  • collaborated regular meetings with local OPP detachment
  • participated in municipal meetings
  • organized questions from the Lake Communities during municipal election time
  • shared information and provided support for lake planning processes
  • provided opportunity for funding application collaboration and partnership
  • working together on Official Plan comments
  • participated in partnership projects such as Lake Links, Turtle Nesting Projects/Wetland Evaluation with Toronto Zoo, Bioblitzs, the People, Aquatic Plants and Healthy Lakes Working Group, invasive species
  • offered speaker opportunities e.g. awareness of invasive species, species at risk, climate change issues , Blue-green Algae
  • supported development of resource material on the issues of boat wakes
  • supported the work to address mining issues in Ontario which led to changes in the Ontario Mining Act and the closure of claims south of the French River
  • Water Quality Monitoring Survey

  • RVCA has provided support and encouragement for the Lake Networking Group from the early days
  • Tay Valley Township has supported the Lake Networking Group by providing space at the Burgess Hall for their meetings, workshops.
  • MVCA has also supported the Lake Networking Group by providing space for their meetings
  • MNRF, RVCA, MVCA send representatives to the meetings to keep abreast of lake association concerns and issues and to share information on new programs/initiatives - and get feedback at the same time. CRCA has also recently become involved.
  • MOECC works with the Lake Networking Group to communicate information about water quality issues and concerns
  • Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Health Unit works with the Lake Networking Group to maintain communication with local lake communities
  • Community Stewardship Council of Lanark County has provided workshop support as has the Frontenac Stewardship Council
  • FoTW has worked closely with Lake Networking Group through programs such as the Lake Management Planning Program
  • FOCA has partnered with Lake Networking Group to offer workshops and seminars to local lake communities and has an ongoing presence at Lake Networking Group meetings
  • Lanark Detachment of the OPP meets regularly with Lanark County members of the Lake Networking Group

  • Water Quality Monitoring Survey - Link to Survey
  • Currently working with MVCA and Mississippi Rideau Septic Office to organize Spring 2017 Septic Systems field trip to Baxter Conservation - Link to notice to be added when available

  • Friday, Nov. 3, 2017 from 9:30 a.m. -12:00 Location to be confirmed

    In the meantime we have a couple of field trips/workshops coming up.

    The first will be a field trip for Lake Networking Group participants to tour the demonstration septic system displays at Baxter Conservation Centre – Friday, June 16th at 10 a.m.

    To register* for the field trip individuals should contact – Philippa Fugler at Note: Registration deadline Friday, June 9, 2017.

    *We ask that registration be limited to 2 representatives from each lake group.

    Agenda and map to follow.

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